Tom Hanson
Tom Hanson 3
Status: Deceased
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Played by: Johnny Depp
First film: 21 Jump Street
Last film: 21 Jump Street

Tom Hanson is the main protagonist of 21 Jump Street and made a uncredited cameo in 21 Jump Street (film).


Saxophone playing, Bowling lover, Officer Tom Hanson has a baby face that the criminals cant take seriously. After letting four criminals get away, stealing their black and white, and breaking his partner's nose, his captain gives him a choice. He can either stay on desk duty, or go to a new department. Hanson contemplates this idea deciding to hear a little more about the department. It is a new department, only four weeks running. It's about police officers who look too young to be cops, go under cover to high school to stop drugs, alcohol, rape, dealing, prostitution and more. Hanson at first rejects, because he doesn't think that that is being a police officer. The captain explains that this where the real criminals are, and to get them before they turn into adults. The department is called Jumpstreet chapel. Hanson agrees and goes to jumpstreet to see Captain Richard Jenko. He is hired and put on a case that he had happened to be called to. After solving the case in just a matter of days, while Officer Doug Penhall had been working on it for weeks, this strikes some jealousy. Yet the friendship between Hanson and Penhall carries on. Hanson and Penhall usually work together using their most famous disguise "The McQuaid Brothers". Hanson has had a rough life dealing with death and grief. His father died on Valentines day when he was just sixteen. In season two his girlfriend Amy was shot at a robbery at a gas station. This occurred in the episode "Orpheus 3.3" Hanson is fun, kind and hilarious, despite the rough life he has gone through. Later leaving the chapel, with no one knowing why, Hanson lived on...


Hanson is later shown in the episode Back to the Future in season 4 of 21 Jump Street. Both Hanson, Penhall and the rest of the Jump Street crew are shown between the ages of 80 and 90. But, in the 2012 movie 21 Jump Street, Hanson (Johnny Depp) and Penhall (Peter Deluise) make cameos where they reveal themselves as undercover agents and tell Jenko and Schmdit that they used to be Jump Street but are then both shot in the neck and chest multiple times. Tom talks to Penhall before they die.

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